Recycle Unused Toy and Game Pieces for Young Inventors Challenge "Prototype Packs"

by Jenna Stirling | 06 Feb 2023

Industry Commentary, Op-Ed


Are you looking for a fun and creative way to get involved with the Young Inventors Challenge?

The  American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) and the People of Play (POP) have partnered to bring a 5-session summer camp/after-school club curriculum to retailers and schools nationwide. With the help of the Cary Teen Council, ASTRA and POP aim to inspire the next generation of young inventors with their latest project, the "Prototype Packs."


Jenna Stirling, on behalf of ASTRA has teamed up with the Cary Teen Council, a volunteer service organization made up of dynamic and motivated teenagers from various schools in Cary, NC and its surrounding areas, to assemble these "prototype packs." These packs are designed to be shipped to retailers and schools for their summer camps and after-school clubs, providing children with a fun and educational experience that encourages upcycling, creativity, innovation and invention.


The Prototype Packs include unused toy and game pieces that can be used to create prototypes of new toys and games. We have already secured donations from Tami Murphy of GPI (Grand Prix International), Brian Turtle of Goliath Games and we welcome many more for those of you looking to clear out your warehouses!


In addition to the Prototype Packs, ASTRA and POP will be offering a 5-session curriculum for retailers and schools to use in their camps and clubs. This curriculum is designed to guide children through the process of inventing, from ideation, prototyping, and play testing to pitching and marketing. The curriculum is hands-on and encourages children to think critically and work collaboratively, providing them with valuable skills that will serve them well in their future careers.


ASTRA and POP are committed to providing children with opportunities to develop their skills and interests in STEAM fields. The Prototype Packs and accompanying curriculum are just one of many initiatives that they are involved in to inspire and encourage the next generation of young inventors and toy industry professionals.


To learn more about the Prototype Packs or how to get involved with the YIC in your local community, please contact Jenna Stirling at OR speak with Mary and Jenna in person on February 22 at 2pm on ASTRA’s Toy Boat!


Let's inspire the next generation of young inventors together!

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