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In “Bruce’s Beliefs: Everything I know about Business (and Life) I Learned Playing with Toys,” Bruce Lund shares 68 of his beliefs that he’s come to learn through his 40+ years... of experience in the toy industry. From life advice to career advice to simple lessons of joy, Lund’s book is a lighthearted read fit for any type of reader.   Split into nine chapters that categorize his beliefs, “Bruce’s Beliefs” shares advice, lessons, and mantras to live by through the lens of toys, games, and the art of play. Each chapter includes 5-10 beliefs. Lund elaborates on some beliefs with anecdotes, research, and examples, and others say enough with just the title.   Meant to be read over a longer period time, “Bruce’s Beliefs” is the perfect coffee table book. Readers can flip to any page and read a belief or two and come back to it another time, there’s no necessary order to read it in. In addition to advice, readers get to know charming and humorous author Bruce Lund as he shares the lessons life has taught him. Founder of his own toy company, Lund is an expert in the field and a wonderful writer, and “Bruce’s Beliefs” is the perfect marriage of both skills, and a memorable and engaging book for any reader.Show more

In Kid Number One, author G. Wayne Miller provides a comprehensive, in-depth look into all things Hasbro: its founding, triumphs, challenges, competitors, products, and most extensively, the Hass...enfelds. Beginning with the story of how Henry and Hillel immigrated to America and soon after founded Hassenfeld Bros in 1917, Miller covers the journey of Hasbro all the way through 2019, running through its list of CEOs following the original brothers: Merrill Hassenfeld, Stephen Hassenfeld, Alan Hassenfeld, Al Verrecchia, and Brian Goldner. Miller focuses most entirely on Alan: his early life, how his business ventures began, his abrupt ascent into CEO position, his reign as the head of Hasbro, and his philanthropic endeavors and political involvements before and after stepping down from leadership in Hasbro. https://www.peopleofplay.com/blog/kid-number-one-alan-hassenfeld-by-g-wayne-millerShow more

Ivan Moscovich’s memoir, The Puzzleman, is an unbelievable combination of gut-wrenchingly heartbreaking and awe-inspiring. As he puts it, he tells the story of a life “well spent.” A... Holocaust survivor, founder and director of the Museum of Science and Technology in Tel Aviv, creator of the Harmonograph, author of over 50 books, inventor of countless toys, games, and puzzles, to say he is an accomplished man is an understatement. https://www.peopleofplay.com/blog/the-puzzleman-by-ivan-moscovichShow more

In “Dream Doll: The Ruth Handler Story,” Ruth Handler, creator of Barbie, co-founder of Mattel, and founder of Nearly Me prosthetic breasts, along with author Jacqueline Shannon, tells her... story: her early life in Colorado, the rise of Mattel, the legal mess Handler was wrongfully roped into, her devastating mastectomy and her subsequent founding of Nearly Me. Handler provides an in-depth, deeply personal account of her life and incredible accomplishments as a businesswoman, wife, mother, and grandmother.  https://www.peopleofplay.com/blog/dream-doll-the-ruth-handler-storyShow more

After just about forty years in the toy industry, toy designer Stefanie Eskander shares what it’s like to see your own ideas come to life… on the shelf of a toy store! In Toy Stories: The... Secret Life of a Toy Designer, Eskander takes readers through the numerous jobs she’s worked in the toy industry, including six companies and freelance work. https://www.peopleofplay.com/blog/book-review-toy-stories-the-secret-life-of-a-toy-designer-by-stefanie-eskanderShow more

About Jenga: The Remarkable Business of Creating a Game that Became a Household Name, written by its creator, Leslie Scott, takes readers along for the journey of how Jenga, which began as a game play...ed by Scott and her siblings, turned into a household staple found in nearly every home. Scott gives in depth details of what it took to make Jenga the success that it is today – the celebrated triumphs, the obstacles overcome, the side projects that never took off – and investigates the why, exploring the scientific, cultural, linguistic, and psychological reasons that Jenga, a game seemingly so simple, took the world by storm.   READ MORE...  https://peopleofplay.com/blog/about-jenga-the-remarkable-business-of-creating-a-game-that-became-a-household-nameShow more