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“Right Brain Red” by Reyn Guyer with Tim Walsh is not only perfect for those looking to break into the toy and game industry, but for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. Guyer, who crea...ted Twister and NERF, shares his seven creative ideas for creative success, complete with personal anecdotes and historical stories to support his ideas. https://www.peopleofplay.com/blog/right-brain-red-by-reyn-guyer-and-tim-walshShow more

Adventures in Experience Design, an activity book created by Carolyn Chandler and Anna Van Slee is more than it humbly describes itself on the vibrant front cover. Packed with activities, games, case ...studies, and step by step explanations of everything that goes into the industry of User Experience Design, this guide helps readers recognize how user experience design is integrated into daily life and how to use it themselves. https://www.peopleofplay.com/blog/adventures-in-experience-designShow more

“Paid to Play: The Business of Game Design” by Keith A. Meyers is the perfect manual for anyone with an idea for a game. In this quick yet thorough book, Meyers breaks down every single st...ep involved in the production of a game, from designing your first prototype to negotiating contracts with toy companies. Whether you are a seasoned designer or a newbie in the industry, Meyer’s book will put you on the track for success. https://www.peopleofplay.com/blog/book-review-paid-to-play-by-keith-a-meyers Show more