Member Testimonials

New Place For All Things Toys & Games

“Have you heard? There is a new place for all things toys and it is POP (People of Play). I strongly urge you, if interested or dealing in the toy, game and gift area, you check out POP.”—Rick Derr, Regional Manager and owner, Learning Express Toys

The Power of POP

“My wife and I started our Toy & Game design studio (Indy Toy Lab) a little over a year ago and some of the first money we spent was investing in a paid membership to People of Play. Since then, the amount of connections, industry lessons, and the incredible encouragement that has come from being a part of the POP community has been amazing! Thanks to the POP team for all you do to provide this space for us!”—Jordan Goddard, Indie Toy Lab

Stay Connected

“POP Pub events are such a great way to stay connected to toy industry friends, and also meet new people. The toy industry has some of the friendliest people around, and the POP Pubs attract the best of the best. Be sure to “POP” in”—Mary Jo Reutter, You-Betcha Interactive

Important Events

”POP Week is “THE” event in the Toy Industry, it is a who’s who of Toy & Game Inventors and Toy & Game Companies. The Conferences, Gala and Fair are unmatched for Educating, Celebrating and Playing in our industry. It is timed perfectly for seeing the best of the best toys and games right in the heart of our biggest selling season!"—Gary Swisher, Co-Chairperson of CHITAG/POP Advisory Board, Former EVP and SVP at Spin Master and Mattel

Inventor Opportunities

"POP Week is a high point of the year to meet and speak with inventors from around the globe in an amazing, innovative and supportive environment. It is the only toy and game fair offering a combination of new and experienced inventors, learning and networking opportunities.”—Rich Mazel, Vice President of Innovation at Spin Master

Supportive to Newbies

“I wanted to take a moment to say thank you, so much, to both of you for how welcoming and supportive you've been of this newbie game inventor who hopes to be part of the industry someday. Via POP and the speed pitch and mentor match, you've really helped me make connections, and the Bloom Report keeps me updated on everything that's going on in this fascinating industry”—Hank Wilson, rising game inventor

Build Knowledge

“I'm really glad I joined People of Play. The Pub Events and POP Conference have been great; both enjoyable and informative. It has really helped my development as a toy inventor/designer”—Thomas Strich, Inventor