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Why buy a flying toy? With children, play is actually a major part of their developmental process. Depending on their age, playing with toys—including flying ones—can be a great way to build and refine motor skills, boost cognitive thinking, and even introduce more nebulous (but important) concepts like sharing, taking turns, and problem-solving. And who doesn’t love throwing a frisbee or operating an RC plane? Thanks to modern technology, even drone flying can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. There are many different flying toy options for a range of ages. What should you consider when shopping for the best flying toys for kids? Design: “Flying toys” covers a very broad range of toys. This can include everything from traditional unpowered frisbees, toy planes or helicopters, and other airborne toys. But it can also include RC planes and drones. Age Appropriateness: Powered vs. Unpowered: Flying toys can include those that are battery operated and those that aren’t. There’s no right or wrong, but keep in mind that powered toys must either have an internal battery recharged periodically or have physical batteries replaced. Ease of Use: Ease of use refers to whether or not the learning curve is steep for getting acclimated to a new toy. As a general rule, toys geared towards younger kids should have a very shallow learning curve. Durability: Unsurprisingly, kids can be rough on toys, especially younger kids. So, always check to ensure that a toy is durable enough to handle whatever a child can dish out. Safety: Especially when you’re shopping for smaller children, be sure that any toy is free from choking hazards or sharp edges that could pose a safety risk. What flying toy is best for kids? The Best Drone Devices for Kids Who Love Exploring the Skies This is going to depend on the child you’re shopping for and their interests and age. Toy manufacturers usually list a recommended age range or at least a minimum age for a toy. Use this as a guide to pick accordingly. For example, getting a delicate drone with sensitive controls for a 4-year-old might be a bad investment, whereas a kid-friendly RC plane with simplified functions might be more appropriate.



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