POP Week, November 15 – 20th, was Sensational!

If you missed the POP Duos: Leaders & Legends Talks, the TAGIE Awards and the Young Inventor Challenge Awards . . . You can still enjoy them below and then in our all new ‘POP’ulated Wiki!

POP Duo Keynotes: Leaders & Legends Explore Creativity

The Toy & Game International Excellence Awards! The TAGIEs!

Saturday, November 20th Young Inventor Challenge Awards! Chicago Toy & Game Fair POP Channels!

Chicago Toy & Game Fair

There is something for everyone at our virtual Fair!

In addition to the Young Inventor Challenge, we have Stages of Entertainment and Experiences from your favorite toy and game companies and $1,250 in Prizes we are giving away until December 31st. Enter Today!

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A Bug is a flaw, error, or issue in a product.

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3 Truths & a Lie Mini-Game

Tait & Lily, Inventors of Betcha Can't!