Elizabeth Hargrave... Created Wingspan! Hidden Role Podcast

by David Yakos | 11 Sep 2023

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Hidden Role: The Brains Behind your Favorite Games --- In today's episode, Elizabeth Hargrave, the award-winning game designer behind Wingspan (the international sensation!), shares her game design philosophy, the story of the game's development, as well as the science behind her upcoming game, Undergrove. --- The Kickstarter for Undergrove launches in early November. Learn more and follow the launch: https://www.alderac.com/undergrove/ https://www.elizhargrave.com/games/un... --- Elizabeth is speaking at Hasbro's Women Innovators of Play on September 12. Register to attend the free virtual event: https://spark.hasbro.com/womeninnovators --- Visit Elizabeth's website and sign up for her newsletter: https://www.elizhargrave.com/ --- Hidden Role Podcast is also available on most major podcast networks! https://linktr.ee/hiddenrole --- Visit our website and sign up for our newsletter to get a sneak peak at our upcoming guests: https://www.hiddenrolepodcast.com/ --- Have an idea for someone who should appear on the show? Leave a comment below OR make a suggestion at: https://www.hiddenrolepodcast.com/sug...

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