Film Review: Barbie Big City Big Dreams

by Julia DeKorte | 02 Feb 2023

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When the Barbie Roberts we all know and love from Barbie’s Dreamhouse Adventures shows up in New York City ready to become a star, she finds something she never could have anticipated. Another Barbie Roberts! This Barbie Roberts is born and raised in Brooklyn and is just as talented as Barbie from Malibu. The two star alongside one another to show that competition is no match for a true friendship.


Both Barbies arrive at a summer performing arts program, Handler Arts Academy, to strengthen their skills and hopefully become stars. Attendees are competing for one spot in the show that’s put on at the conclusion of the program: the Spotlight Solo. Competition is fierce, yet throughout it all, they are there to support one another.


Until a freak accident occurs, and Brooklyn Barbie sprains her ankle, rendering her unable to dance for the time being. An eyewitness with poor intentions makes Malibu Barbie out to be a villain, claiming she tripped Brooklyn Barbie to take her out of the competition. Brooklyn Barbie mistakenly believes the lies, and Malibu Barbie is expelled. Is their friendship enough to save them from this misunderstanding?


Barbie Big City Big Dreams is exceptionally notable because it is the first time Barbie has been portrayed as a Black woman in a Barbie film. The film was very well done, and has an important message for all young, impressionable children. Friendship is more important than any competition, and it’s always better to help build someone up than bring someone down. Complete with catchy musical numbers and a new, unique plot, Barbie Big City Big Dreams is not only a big step for Mattel and the Barbie brand, but is also an entertaining movie well worth the watch.

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