Toy Review: Magnetic Wonder Tiles - Vehicle Builder Set

by Julia DeKorte | 21 Feb 2024

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Lakeshore Learning just released a new spin on a classic toy. I’m willing to bet you’ve played with magnetic tiles, especially as a child, and I’m also willing to bet that it was one of your favorite toys. Well, you can now pass that love onto your kiddos, with Lakeshore’s Magnetic Wonder Tiles – Vehicle Builder Set.


The set includes 15 squares, 11 small rectangles, 4 equilateral triangles, 2 isosceles triangles, 4 L-shaped pieces, 6 window pieces, 4 cab doors, and 4 vehicle chassis. Every piece is magnetic, so you can make virtually anything you want—on wheels! The pieces come in bright colors—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple—but are still translucent so if you wanted to place a passenger or delivery inside your car or truck, you’ll still be able to see them.

This toy is great for toddlers: it’s colorful, it’s durable, and will improve fine motor skills, plus the open-ended play encourages creativity, too. You won’t have to worry about tantrums, either, because each plastic piece has magnets embedded on every side, meaning each piece will stick to another no matter how you place it.


I had the chance to play with the Magnetic Wonder Tiles with my nieces and nephew, ages 2, 5, and 7, and they all loved playing with it. A word from their lovely mother: “The Magnetic Tiles are great! The youngest loves that they have several pieces with wheels for the base so he can build trucks or a car. The older two keep building houses and love that some of the tiles can look like a window. The magnets adhere well and are easy to manipulate, while still holding form. We love this type of STEM play encouraging creativity!”

Because Lakeshore Learning is an education-minded company, it also comes with an insert explaining all the different skills your child will develop, and how to encourage the development of these skills. The pamphlet includes suggestions on how to introduce the toy to your child, how to talk about it with your child, and how to build on their learning.


Lakeshore Learning was founded in 1954 by Ethelyn Kaplan, who achieved her dream of opening up a toy store. Educators soon got wind of her store, and began calling for her supplies, which is how Ethelyn got involved with creating toys that serve not only children, but teachers. Now, two generations later, Lakeshore holds those values close, striving to meet the needs of educators, schools, and districts nationwide. Lakeshore has products that inspire children from early childhood all the way through high school. It’s clear not only through their history and their mission but the products that they produce that Lakeshore cares first and foremost about children.

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