Book Review: The Big Book of Brain Games by Ivan Moscovich

by Julia DeKorte | 25 Oct 2022

Book Reviews

Test out your problem-solving skills with Ivan Moscovich’s “The Big Book of Brain Games: 1,000 PlayThinks of Art, Mathematics & Science,” a comprehensive catalog of puzzles, riddles, mental games, and thought experiments. Divided into 14 categories including logic and probability, curves and circles, and patterns, Moscovich’s hefty book has a challenge for every mind.


Colorfully created with an abundance of visuals, “The Big Book of Brain Games” has 1,000 puzzles to choose from, all ranked in varying degrees of difficulty. Also interspersed throughout the book are quotes from famous mathematicians, scientists, and artists, as well as text boxes that offer explanations of different concepts, ranging from ancient theories to more modern discoveries.


With the solutions included in the back of the book, “The Big Book of Brain Games” has enough puzzles to last a lifetime, whether readers are old or young, there is a riddle for everyone.

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