Book Review: The Very Loving Caterpillar by Sean Browne

by Julia DeKorte | 30 Apr 2023

Book Reviews


The Very Loving Caterpillar, a sweet and charming picture book, tells the story of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly in a unique light. Written by Sean Browne and illustrated by Doan Trang, the very loving caterpillar lives with his family in a loving community where they create, share, and take care of plants. When a chilly wind freezes their antennae, the caterpillars are unable to communicate with one another, and that loving attitude toward one another disappears. It’s only when an angelic butterfly comes to the loving caterpillar in his dreams that he realizes he needs to become a butterfly in order to save his community. Through metamorphosis, the loving caterpillar becomes a butterfly, returns to his community, and shares the love with a flap of his wings. In a happily ever after ending, all the caterpillars turn into butterflies and peace and harmony is restored in their community.


A charming story with adorable illustrations, this is the perfect picture book for young children to learn not only about the life of caterpillars and their metamorphosis into butterflies, but also about the importance of love, communication, and sharing. Without being able to communicate, the caterpillars are sad, frustrated, and scared. Only through the sharing of love could the community be saved, a wonderful lesson for children to learn as they interact with other children their age, whether it be in playdates, daycare, or even cousins and siblings.


The illustrations are big and colorful, making it easy for children to notice and identify the different colors. The drawn facial expressions are also very pronounced, so children will be able to hear that the caterpillars are sad and frustrated, and see a frowning face, or see the caterpillars are loving and sharing, and match those actions with a smiling, happy face. Overall, a wonderful story to read to young children, The Very Loving Caterpillar is sweet, colorful, and a must-read book.


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