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by Julia DeKorte | 16 Nov 2023

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Disney WISH Books


The Story: WISH tells the tale of Asha, a young woman living in Rosas with her family. Rosas is a special place where at the age of 18, all citizens tell King Magnifico their life’s desire—their wish! Then, once per month at a ceremony, King Magnifico grants one person’s wish.


At the beginning of the story, Asha is interviewing to become the King’s apprentice, and during the interview, King Magnifico shows Asha where he keeps the wishes—she even sees her grandfather’s! Soon after Asha’s interview, she realizes her community is in danger, and she makes a wish on a star. Her wish is answered by a little ball of boundless energy called Star. Together with Valentino, Asha’s peppy goat companion, and all of her friends, they must figure out how to save Rosas and the wishes before it’s too late.


WISH – A Little Golden Book

The story of WISH has been adapted into a Little Golden Book! Easily recognizable by the gold spine, it features full color illustrations on each page. The story was adapted by Luna Chi, illustrated by Joey Chu, and designed by Tony Fejeran. The text on each page has different important words and phrases in different colors. Some of the illustrations are more abstract than what you might find in some of the other adaptations; you might find yourself gazing at the different pictures for a few moments before continuing the story. It truly is a beautiful book to match the beautiful story.


WISH – A Big Golden Book

WISH has also been adapted into a Big Golden Book! This one was adapted by Suzanne Francis and illustrated by the Disney Storybook Art Team. A large hardcover with big, detailed color images, these pictures are more realistic than the ones in the Little Golden Book, and really help to convey the emotions of each character and each scene. Like the Little Golden Book, different words on each page are colored, emphasizing perhaps the most important ones.


WISH – Welcome to Rosas!

Written by Steve Behling and illustrated by the Disney Storybook Art Team, this is a Random House PICTUREBACK Book, and features many full color illustrations on each page. Rather than the text being set inside of the illustrations, the pictures almost appear framed, with the text arranged elsewhere on the page. The neat thing about the text in this book is that different words are different sizes (rather than colors), again emphasizing the most important words and phrases. Like the Big Golden Book, the illustrations are more realistic than abstract, and again help to show the emotions of the characters.


WISH – The Magic of Dreams!

The Magic of Dreams! is part of Penguin Random House’s Step into Reading program at level 2: Reading with Help. Made for children in preschool or first grade, it has basic vocabulary, short sentences, and is a simplified version of the story. It was adapted by Kathy McCullough and illustrated by the Disney Storybook Art Team. It features simple illustrations and very large text that is all the same color and size—no need to confuse young readers!


WISH – Made From Stars

Made from Stars is also part of Penguin Random House’s Step into Reading program at level 3: Reading on Your Own. Made for children in grades one through three, it has engaging characters, easy-to-follow plots, and popular topics. This one was also adapted by Kathy McCullough and illustrated by the Disney Storybook Art Team. It features pictures similar to the ones of Magic of Dreams! but tells a more in-depth story with slightly smaller text.


WISH – The Junior Novelization


The Junior Novelization of Disney’s WISH is an excellent read for children comfortable with chapter books. Adapted by Erin Falligant, it’s a paperback book with a gorgeous illustration of Asha, the main character, on the cover, and includes an 8-page full-color insert with 15 photos illustrating the story.


WISH – The Deluxe Junior Novelization


A small hardcover with a special edition illustration on the cover, the Deluxe Junior Novelization of Disney’s WISH tells the same story as the regular Junior Novelization and also includes a poster that can be torn out and hung up.


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