Sky Castle Toys Announces the Launch of Sticki Rolls- The Ultimate Wearable, Sharable Sticker Experience!

by Bruce Maguire (Freeman Public Relations) | 28 Mar 2024

Press Release

Sky Castle Toys Announces the Launch of Sticki Rolls - The Ultimate Wearable, Shareable Sticker Experience


[Seattle, Washington] – [March 19, 2024] – Sky Castle Toys, a leading innovator in children's toys, is thrilled to introduce Sticki Rolls, a groundbreaking new line of wearable and shareable sticker bracelets set to revolutionize how kids collect, share, and display their favorite stickers. Launching in July 2024, Sticki Rolls combines the love of stickers with the latest trends in fashion accessories, offering an unmatched experience for kids aged 5 and up.


Unlike traditional sticker sheets that can be cumbersome to carry and organize, Sticki Rolls are ingeniously designed as fashionable bracelets that contain rolls of stunning, kawaii-themed stickers. Each Sticki Roll “charm” houses 10 easy-to-peel stickers, for a total of 50 stickers per bracelet that kids can wear, share, and stick anywhere they like!


A World of Stickers at Your Fingertips

With over 1000 unique stickers available in Series 1, designed by renowned kawaii artists from around the globe, Sticki Rolls invites kids to dive into a world of creativity and friendship. These foil holographic stickers are re-stickable, leave no residue, and come in various rarity levels, including super rare holographic effects revealed in mystery-wrapped Sticki Rolls.


The Sticki Rolls lineup includes:

  • The Sticki Bands Pack: A fully assembled bracelet with two mystery rolls (70 Stickers total) for MSRP $6.99.
  • The Sticki Book: A collection-builder's dream with a bracelet, 7 mystery Sticki Rolls (120 stickers total), and a 50-page activity book for MSRP $14.99.
  • The Sticki Station: The ultimate DIY pack for creating custom bracelets and necklaces, including 32 Sticki Rolls (320 stickers total), for MSRP $24.99.


Designed for Sharing and Caring

Sticki Rolls is not just about collecting stickers; it's about fostering connections. The brand encourages kids to "Stick Together" by sharing stickers and spreading positivity! In today's digital age, Sticki Rolls offers a tangible, creative outlet in a collectable format!



Get ready to pull, twist and stick with Sticki Rolls, available this coming July at specialty toy stores and Amazon, with more retail locations launching for B2S. Embrace the trends of miniature, kawaii-themed decorations and friendship bracelets with Sticki Rolls, your new must-have accessory for endless fun and creativity!


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