Reisa Schwartzman: Look at an Idea from as Many Angles as Possible

by Reisa Schwartzman | 21 Apr 2022

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(Mary) Hi Reisa! Thank you for taking time for our interview. I remember meeting you at our NYTF Connolly's Pub event many years ago and have loved getting to know you over the years (we will make challah together one day!). Your start in our industry is unique. How would you end this sentence: Everything would have been different if... 

If I hadn’t invested in a game company.  I rescued a company, Griddly Games, from bankruptcy and then started making our own games and STEAM kits. I would have never learned how much I love the toy industry!  I got so passionate about it.


How do you jumpstart your creativity?

It’s important to always be open to ideas and be watching for trends or voids in the market. For me, I will get an inspiration and then look at the idea from at as many angles as possible to figure out what we can do with the idea.


The toy and game industry clearly has taught me…:

That great ideas are usually simple solutions in creative ways.


I’m lucky that…

I’m surrounded by love and laughter. A solid family, friends, staff and faith. And that I can find joy in everything I do!


Do you have a nickname?

My name Reisa (Ree-sa) is unique enough and I love it! 


What is your eye color?

Chocolate Brown.


Do you have any special talents? 

I was a dancer and choreographer.  I blow shofar, play piano, tenor saxophone and guitar.


When is the last time you laughed out loud?

About an hour ago.


What caused it? 

My co-worker Rachel .


Summer of Winter?

I love both!  Winter for skiing and other winter sports. Summer for the long warm summer days! 


What are your favorite childhood memories? 

Playing games with my dad and sister as well as travelling with family.


Do you have any kiddos?

Three great sons and 3 grand babies.



Who are your favorite athletes?

My 3 sons!


Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Diet Coke.


What’s in your fridge?

Always full to feed the family! Including cookies on the counter.


What is your favorite night out?

Any night I don’t have to cook and clean up dinner! 


Favorite movie of all time?

The Sound of Music .


What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?




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