Review: Light Bulb Baking: A History of the Easy-Bake Oven by Todd Coopee

by Julia DeKorte | 12 Sep 2022

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“Light Bulb Baking: A History of the Easy-Bake Oven” by Todd Coopee is a delightful step into the past with one of the world’s most well-known and well-loved toys: the Easy-Bake Oven. Coopee provides an in depth look into the toy, beginning with its creation in 1963 all the way through 2013, and everything in between.


Beginning in the 1960s when the toy came to be, Coopee discusses the true inventor of the Easy-Bake Oven with a bit of history of Kenner Products, the company that started it all. Over the years, Kenner was bought out by several different companies, including Hasbro where the Easy-Bake Oven remains today. He also describes how exactly the Easy-Bake Oven works, a question all children who have played with the toy – and many adults who have bought it – have asked at one point.


Moving through time with triumphs of millions of sales and disasters of recalls, Coopee’s expertise on the product is unmatched. The most notable section of his book is his Visual History, a large-scale timeline from 1963-2013 that depicts every version of the Easy-Bake Oven in not only vibrant graphics, but also detailed blueprints, explanations, and fun facts.


Coopee closes with the Easy-Bake Oven’s appearances and references in pop culture, a recape of the Baker of the Year and Chef of the Year Easy-Bake Oven competitions, and recipes that have all been made in an Easy-Bake Oven. Coopee’s “Light Bulb Baking” is a heartwarming combination of informative and nostalgic, and will bring a smile to the face of every reader.

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