Right Brain Red by Reyn Guyer and Tim Walsh

by Julia DeKorte | 29 Jul 2022

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“Right Brain Red” by Reyn Guyer with Tim Walsh is not only perfect for those looking to break into the toy and game industry, but for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. Guyer, who created Twister and NERF, shares his seven creative ideas for creative success, complete with personal anecdotes and historical stories to support his ideas.

With each idea Guyer presents comes a story, often more than one. In each story he demonstrates, with real life scenarios, how each tip fosters creative success. A wonderful storyteller, Guyer’s chapters serve also as an exposition on his creative life, with experience in marketing, toy and game design, song writing, music production, painting, and sculpting. Guyer shares his wealth of knowledge while also telling the interesting story of his life.

With humility and exceptionally well written tips, Right Brain Red delivers the perfect inspiration and guidelines for creative entrepreneurial success.

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