Royal Corgi Report from the POP What’s Up Distoy Party 2023

by The Bloom Report | 01 Jun 2023

Industry Commentary, Op-Ed

This is Winston Pembroke Corgi III coming to you from the daylight afterglow of Distoy’s best and bubbliest party.

Despite its propensity for precision planning, London could not have been properly prepared for 250-300 Toy Industry captains, queens and kings to converge on the Buckingham Arms pub for an evening of revelry, ridiculism, and reconnection, but nevertheless, it happened, and as a corgi, from my relatively low vantage point, I confidently estimate there were at least twice as many shoes present as people, all shuffling around to visit and catch up with friends old and new.

Some revelers donned gold coronation crowns amid the sponsor-logo festooned bunting, while others mostly wore smiles and shared stories of the hottest happenings and most popular playthings on display at Distoy, and while cool drinks and tasty bites brought them all in, warm clamor and crowded conditions caused them to spill out onto the pavement for a breath of fresh air and to continue
conversations al-fresco.

The numerous sponsors deserve our many thanks, but none more than The Michael Kohner Corporation, for whom the Coronation Corgi Giveaway was named, and which is, in fact, the very reason I serve as your faithful reporter on this cracking scoop. Michael generously donated 8 posh -ahem- PLUSH Corgis to be raffled off just before the clanging of that obnoxious bell which cut off libations for the evening. As a corgi, one might have thought I would take offense at the prospect of being given away in such a random and perfunctory manner in the harsh light of bar-closing time, but since the untimely passing of QEII, and subsequent coronation of Charles and Camilla, I believe I speak for all corgis across the commonwealth that we would much rather find new homes with inebriated toymakers than be relegated to the supervision of Prince Andrew, for obvious reasons.

Raffle tickets were distributed and menu chosen by Eleanor Black and Hannah Palfrey of FUSE London. They collected the generous donations of partygoers for the Toy Trust, with all proceeds going toward Childrens Mobility. It is estimated a grand total exceeding £560 was raised, along with the grace and goodwill of all participants. Thanks also to Lizzie Moody of Seven Towns for collecting sponsorships that were encouraged by Mary Couzin of POP,  and Casey Norman for lending his considerably loud and effective whistling and shouting talents as he quieted the room and proceeded with the highly anticipated calling of the raffle winners.

It has been my great honor to bring you this account of the event, and to aid in answering the question that brought it about: What’s Up? Distoy 2023! Now it’s been asked and answered, done and dusted! Here are the photos! 

Cheers until next year, People of Play!


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