Support Small = Support ASTRA Toy Boat

by Cassidy Smith | 03 Sep 2022

Press Release

Toys exciting and New 🎶 🎵
Come aboard, were expecting you!
Love, life's sweetest reward,
Let it flow, it floats back to you
The Toy Boat soon will be making a run,
The Toy Boat promises something for everyone,
Set a course for adventure,
Your mind on a new Toy Line?🎶 🎵

Besides reworking Love Boat Lyrics I wanted to mention the reasons I'm looking forward to the Toy Boat

1) Its a very economical show.  As a smaller vendor it's great to see a show where I don't have to spend several thousands of dollars just for a small booth space.. Toy Boat is only $300 - $500 for space!

2)No Drayage Fee!!
Drayage that averages $2500-3000 depending on the booth size so nice we do not have that additional cost.

3)An Amazing Networking show!
I miss the days when we could actually  check in with customers and find out how things are going in the year vs quickly getting an order dropped off. Since the poor buyers need to sprint to their next appointment to get through the massive show. I feel Toy Boat will have a more relaxed atmosphere perfect setting to develop these invaluable relationships.

4) Retailer side you will be shown only New! Not being drug through a giant booth of things you already know about..respecting your time and focusing on why you came ..
To find New!!

Toy Boat is perfect place for the small vendor that perhaps could not afford to be everywhere and go to every show and is a cost effective way to bring your amazing idea to market!
I know Mary Couzin will be there and I'm sure the inventors will follow!
Because of this buyers may find many hidden  gems they may have never seen before!
I'm excited to see what this grows into and thank ASTRA for their innovative thinking  and bringing us a show were we can spend more time with eachother. All in an incredible setting that is way better then being in a very dry, over air-conditioned Conference center where your only food of choice is a hot dog and you never see outside for fresh air.

A Toy Show that won't hurt your wallet anymore,🎶 🎵 ,
It's an open smile on a friendly shore. 
It's toy! it's toy! it's toy!
It's the toy boat-ah! it's the toy boat-ah! 🎶 🎵

Support Small = Support ASTRA Toy Boat
Small Independent Retailers and small vendors working together and floating new ideas to grow business for 2023!
Support Small and come Float with us!



Tait & Lily, Inventors of Betcha Can't!