Spin Master acquired the license to produce Batman toys in 2018, with the license going into effect in spring 2020. The license covers toys in the boys action category, particularly action figures. Mattel holds licenses for girls’ toys and preschool toys featuring Batman and other DC characters. Mego was the first company to hold a license to produce Batman toys, back in 1972. The company filed for bankruptcy in 1982, and Kenner acquired the license, producing action figures starting in 1984. The license went to Toy Biz for the production of figures for the 1989 Batman movie, but returned to Kenner in 1990. The license was acquired by Mattel in 2003, by which point Kenner had been fully merged into Hasbro, which purchased the company in 1991. Mattel continued to hold the Batman license until Spin Master acquired it in late 2018.



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