Looking for US reps for brain training games for grandparents and grandkids

by Damjana Pangercic | 2021-05-10

We are entering US market and looking for strong partnerships with US reps for distribution of brain training games for grandparents and grandkids, developed by European start-up under registered brand. Reach out at damjana.pangercic@silver-way.com

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Looking for new licensee to manufacture & distribute high performance water sports toy 5+

Ripperball.com Sports maker of the WaterRipper, SkipBiscuit and soon to be released Stingray is looking for a new exclusive licensee to manufacture & distribute the world's only palm sized, water absorbing, water sports game bags for kids & adults 5+.

Licensee/partner can take over manufacturing in Pakistan that has produced Rippers for over 10 years. Plenty of content, great safety record, samples available on request. Feel free to call 530-774-5880 PST

Tim Leefeldt www.ripperball.com

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Looking for a Distributor/Partner/Manufacturer for electronic LED game board based on a popular arcade game!

I am looking for a Distributor/Partner/Manufacturer to bring my electronic LED game board to market. The game board is based on a variation of gameplay from the popular arcade game Ataxx!

-Please provide Company Website and Company Email Address.
-I can provide 2 Sizzle Videos to demonstrate game play!
-I also have prepared some documentation regarding product specifications and market research.

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Looking for a Distributor/Partner/Manufacturer for my new card game!

Looking for a distributor/partner/manufacturer to bring my original card game to market!

I can provide a sizzle video demonstration/ documentation explaining gameplay.

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