POPcast - Hidden Role: The Brains Behind your Favorite Games

Robert "Bob" Fuhrer is for the toy industry what a producer is for the film industry; a mastermind who brings together creatives, engineers, and business minds to put out incredible toy products. In t...oday's episode, he shares stories from his incredible career and advice for anyone who wants to succeed in the industry.Show more

When Tom Dusenberry was the CEO of Hasbro Interactive, he negotiated the purchases of some of the today's biggest toy and game brands, from companies like Atari, Wizards of the Coast and Avalon HIll, ...to video games like Rollercoaster Tycoon. In today's episode, Tom gives us his insight from decades in the industry, including the secret of what makes a successful toy or game....Show more

When master game designer Matt Leacock started out, it wasn't about the money, it was about making the best game possible! In part one of this two parter, we go deep into the creation of the hit board...game, Pandemic. Learn Matt's design philosophy and get a glimpse at how a big success can grow from a really solid game. In Part 2, we'll be discussing best practices in game design and much, much more!Show more

After many years in the toy and game industry, Scott Brown and Tim Swindle have teamed up to bring a brand new sport into the world... PaddleSmash! In this episode, we gain some fantastic insight into... the challenges and thrills of launching a brand new product from inception to launch. --- Check out PaddleSmash: https://paddlesmash.com/Show more

Daryl is well known for traveling to most Toy and Game conventions every year, and in today's episode he tells us why attending conventions has been integral to his career as a board game designer. He... breaks down why both inventors and companies benefit from attending conventions and gives advice on traversing the convention circuit to pitch your toy and game idea.Show more

Ed Gartin is an expert in inventor relations, bringing together Toy & Game companies and the creatives want to bring their inventions to the world. In today's episode, he shares what he looks for in a... pitch as well as crazy stories from his twenty years in the industry.Show more

What goes into a great game? There's no easy answer, but Matt Leacock, creator of Pandemic and master game designer, might just know the answer! Join us as he dives into game theory, good feedback, cr...afting the play experience, and much more! --- Learn when Daybreak launches: https://www.daybreakgame.org/ Keep up with Matt Leacock: https://www.leacock.com/ https://twitter.com/mattleacock https://www.facebook.com/matt.leacockShow more

Nicholas Cravotta and Rebecca Bleau are the creative minds behind over a hundred games and puzzles. From cooperative Escape Rooms to party games like Pickwits, these two tell us how to work together t...o create a really good game! --- Check out BlueMatter Games: https://www.bluemattergames.com/Show more

Tanya Thompson, Senior Director of Design Innovation and Inventor Relations at Hasbro, gives incredible insights on how to pitch your toy or game and stand out in a sea of ideas.

Matt Nuccio shares stories from his many years as a toy designer, from joining the "family business" as a kid, to Pogs, to Texas Hold'em, to researching his family's history with the New York mafia.......Show more