POPcast - Hidden Role: The Brains Behind your Favorite Games

When inspiration strikes, how does someone take it from an idea to a success story? Learn from the extraordinary journey of Leslie Scott, from a childhood in East and West Africa to the inspiration f...or and development of Jenga and beyond.Show more

Dan Klitsner breaks down his creative process and takes us on a Bop It journey. The beloved toy is fast approaching its 25th anniversary (at the time of this release). How did he take Bop It from an i...dea bopping around in his head to a real product that has resonated with people for a quarter century?Show more

Actor and entrepreneur Matthew Lillard knows how to turn a passion into a fulfilling career. He's best known for his roles films like Scream, Scooby Doo, and SLC Punk, but in recent years he's also be...come a tabletop roleplaying game darling, co-founding Beadle & Grimm's to make premium editions of Dungeons & Dragons books.Show more

With Twister, Nerf, and decades of experience under his belt, Reyn Guyer is one of the most respected inventors in the industry of play. In this episode, we dive deep into the his stories and knowledg...e to learn where ideas come from and how to make them a reality.Show more

From McDonalds happy meal toys to Pretty Pretty Princess to Outburst Jr. to Mad Gabs, Peggy Brown is a serial game inventor with decades of experience and success. Learn what to do when the unexpected... happens from an expert in game design and product development.Show more

In this episode, Randy Klimpert, toy inventor and Chief Creative Officer at Creata, tells us how he invented Hot Wheels Crack Ups and Battle Armor He-Man while working at the legendary design firm Mar...vin Glass & Associates.Show more

What makes a good name for a game? Where do good ideas come from? How do you make a game accessible? Tim Walsh, writer and inventor of Tri-Bond, Mega Mouth, and Blurt! has some theories and stories th...at shed some light on those questions and more.Show more

Rory O'Connor, game designer and creative, dives into the tale of Rory's Story Cubes, his creative process, making the world a better place through imagination and play, inclusivity in game design, an...d much more!Show more

Creating a business from scratch is hard enough - but manufacturing the product, distributing it, AND running the company, all after quitting your job to pursue a dream? Sounds pretty crazy... but Aar...on Muderick is an expert in crazy. He's here to share his journey from the smallest inkling of an idea to a worldwide success.Show more

Mary Couzin, president and founder of ChiTAG, recently rebranded as People of Play. Her stewardship of the Toy and Game fair has shaped the industry for two decades, helping inventors to connect to pu...blishers and retailers.Show more