GigaPets Floppy Frog

🚀BRAND NEW AND REINVENTED – Loaded with brand new games and animations, the new Floppy Frog is an upgrade on the original game! This modern version features a full set of sound effects, a tinted translucent housing shell, a low battery warning, and reusable packaging!
🐸4 EVOLUTIONS AND 1 SURPRISE EVOLUTION – Hatch your egg and experience your pet transform from a tadpole to a tadpole with legs, to a froglet, to an adult frog, and then finally to an extra special surprise evolution if you care for them well enough!
⭐TONS OF ACTIVITIES – Feed your frog bugs, play 9 different mini games, take them to the vet, teach them tricks, and more. The more you care for them the greater they will grow!
🤗A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE FOR KIDS… OF ALL AGES! – Mobile and compact, take this toy with you anywhere. Attach the keychain to your bag, let them know you are the real OG! Recommended for ages 5 and up.
💖🎁TEND TO AND FEND FOR – For the little ones, this game will teach them what it really means to care for something: perhaps a Giga Pet before a real pet!? Patience and fun are definitely required.

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Tait & Lily, Inventors of Betcha Can't!