Is It Disrespectful?


Is It Disrespectful? is a card game where various scenarios, actions & behaviors are pitted against each other with the winner determined by majority rule. This is a social activity that is extremely entertaining, yet informative. 

  • Each match every player draws two(2) cards from the top of the deck and decides which card is Most Disrespectful & which is Least Disrespectful. 

  • Then, everyone plays their Most Disrespectful card first and all players must vote for someone else's card they believe should win the round. 

  • Players will then repeat this process for the remaining card in their hand for the Least Disrespectful round. 

One deck contains 72 standard-sized cards and a booklet for detailed gameplay instructions & rules.


Launched Date:

01 Oct 2020

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Tait & Lily, Inventors of Betcha Can't!