Leaves puzzle

This puzzle originally was a set of 12 jumbo-size wood coasters. Self published in a small quantity (about 100 sets) by Sjaak Griffioen for IPP (International Puzzle Party). Also published by Griffioen Design as a business gift for the Dutch publisher Puzzlesport (part of VNU / Sanoma). The "coasters" were all symmetrical, all different permutations of curvy peaks on the outside or inside of a hexagon's edges. To make it a complete set, Kadon added one more shape — the only non-symmetrical tile — and gave it its own color among the other three glowing transparent autumn hues. All acrylic, with display stand. The lovely 3-fold symmetry of the 11" tray was solved by Sjaak. Many other figures and color patterns make this a joyful puzzle to explore, a beautiful challenge for 1 or more players, ages 10 to adult.




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