Marmals are a brand new, award-winning line of modular toys designed to be a sensory launchpad for creative play and storytelling.    Meet Marmals - your new imaginary friends!  Marmals are a canvas for your imagination, a blank slate ready to be drawn, painted, decorated, dressed, or simply left as is.  Each... Gender neutral figure comes with a set of custom washable markers to help spark creativity and an eraser sponge for easy cleanup. Marmals are constructed with a patent-pending array of magnets that not only make a mesmerizing snap as the parts come together but also offer an engaging fidget toy experience, promoting sensory awareness, tactile and audible stimulation, calmness, and concentration.  ; New characters and planned accessories will utilize this innovative magnetic connection to build upon the ever expanding Marmal universe. The future of Marmals revolves around its dedicated online community.  Creators are encouraged to share their designs on Instagram with the hashtag #lovemarmals.    Marmals were officially launched 3 months ago after a successful crowdfunding campaign.  Invitations to both Toy Fair New York and Toy Fair Dallas brought Marmals into exclusive exhibits showcasing innovation in the toy industry.  "I wanted to design a toy that would grow with a child," says Marmals creator Jeff Lawber, "something that ignites imagination and discovery through childhood and beyond." Marm als are geared towards ages 5+ and retail for $25. For more information call 1-503-832 -7749‬... Read More...


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