Tweet Beats

LEARNING FUN: Tweet Beats love making music and they especially love creating it with you! Choose your birds, place them on the branches and dance to the music that you create! Both fun and educational, the Tweet Beats help children compose their very own music while learning about musical elements like drums, bass, melody, and song.

EASY TO PLAY: Place a Tweet Beat in the tree on 1 of 4 branches; right away you’ll hear music. Then, switch the birds around on the branches and listening closely to the difference.

MIX AND MATCH: Each bird has his own drum, bass, melody and song in their own music style. By combining the Tweet Beats you can create 24 of your own songs! Switch birds, make the most beautiful Tweet Beat combinations and listen to the coolest music! Buy an extra bird (sold separately) and you can make 120 unique sound combinations for endless hours of play and fun.

GROWS WITH YOU: Perfect for ages 3 years and up, this toy grows with you child. Little kids will develop their fine motor skills as they carefully place the birds on each branch. Bigger kids will enjoy the challenge of mixing their own music and exploring each bird’s unique sound. From reggae and girl band to rap and boy band, there are so many fun musical elements to mix with.

INCLUDED: Base Set includes the Tweet Beats Tree and the following four birds: Beach Bobby, who brings a relaxing Jamaican vibe. Jenny, the American superstar. Binky, the ultimately popular winner of Next British Boy Band and MC Jay, a tough dude from the street. Requires 3 AA batteries - NOT included.



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