Create the Space

by Nancy Zwiers | 12 Jan 2023

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Create the Space

By Nancy Zwiers


In 2011, when I was struggling to bounce back from breast cancer, I found myself depressed and adrift.  I knew I had to make some changes, but I didn’t really know what changes to make at that point.  Shortly after my course of treatment ended, I made plans to meet up with good friends in Sedona, AZ.  Known as a “spiritual vortex,” Sedona seemed like a good place to get healing and clarity. 


Sedona vortexes (or ‘vortices’) are thought to be swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation, and self-exploration.  Many people have reportedly felt inspired or recharged after visiting a vortex.  There are four main vortexes in Sedona that seem especially alive with this energetic field, one of which—Bell Rock-- I visited on that trip.


I climbed up the rock and found a place to sit and meditate.  I got two very clear intuitive messages during that meditation.  First was “All is well” and I instantly felt a sense of calm. The second message was a bit less direct: “Create the space.”  Create the space?  For what?  As I reflected on what that meant, I realized that a fool-proof way to invite something new into your life is to first create the space for something new to occupy.  Afterall, it is a scientific truth: nature abhors a vacuum


I immediately started having multiple interpretations of where I would benefit from creating space in my life.  For example, I realized I had already created space for a new more fulfilling relationship when I had ended a long-term relationship that had gone bad.  Also, I needed more time and space to just be (I had been running at an insane pace in the months prior to my diagnosis). 


Since that aha moment, I have leveraged this idea when I have felt any kind of dis-ease or dissatisfaction in my life—where do I need to create the space for greater good? 


Over the years, some examples of how I’ve leveraged this powerful concept include:


  • I’ve reduced my workload (again) to make time for play.
  • I pulled out ferns gone wild in the backyard on my way to a beautiful garden
  • I blocked out three mornings a week on my calendar to ensure I make time for deep-water aerobics, my favorite form of exercise.
  • I bought several blank notebooks to manifest a journaling practice.
  • I purged my closet as a precursor to a new wardrobe
  • I’ve deliberately left some wall space empty, knowing that I would have room for new artwork that I would discover at future art fairs.
  • I’ve culled friendships that have been only minimally rewarding to make room for new friends I had yet to meet.
  • I’ve donated books I’ve read to have room for new books on my shelves.
  • I’ve purged limiting thoughts in my mind to make room for more generative thinking.


It’s a new year, ripe with new possibilities.  Where can you create the space in this new year for something new and wonderful to show up in your life?



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