Film Review: Trolls

by Julia DeKorte | 30 Apr 2023

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The charmingly adorable 2016 film, Trolls, boasts not only an incredible soundtrack and a stacked cast, but also an optimistic message to its viewers: that there is happiness inside of everyone, all you must do is find it. In the film, trolls are colorful, happy creatures that love to sing, dance, and hug. However, they are hunted by the Bergens, ugly, miserable creatures that eat trolls to feel happiness. When some of the trolls are captured, Poppy, the main character and princess of the trolls, goes on a mission to rescue them with an unlikely partner: Branch, the only troll who is colorless, serious, and unhappy.


Voiced by Anna Kendrick, Princess Poppy throws a party to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of escaping Bergen Town. However, this party is so extravagant, well lit, and loud, that it leads the Bergens right to them. A Bergen captures a group of trolls and Poppy makes it her mission to rescue them. When she and Branch make it to the castle, they find all the captured trolls but one being guarded by a scullery maid named Bridget. Bridget has a huge crush on King Gristle, but is too insecure to make a move. Poppy and the rest of the trolls give Bridget a makeover, instantly making her more confident and scoring her a date with King Gristle. On the date, the pair start to feel something they can’t quite identify… something they later learned was happiness.


Meanwhile, the Bergens are preparing a feast to eat all the captured trolls, and after a traitor sells them out, Poppy has lost all hope, and inside of the pot where the trolls are spending their final moments, she loses her color, turning gray like Branch. Poppy had always been the most optimistic and hopeful troll, setting an example for all the other trolls, so when she loses her color, so do all the other trolls. However, when Branch see’s Poppy losing her happiness, he has a change of heart, and sings to her. By the end of the song, all the trolls regained their happiness, and through Poppy’s guidance, Bridget shows the rest of the Bergens that happiness is possible without with trolls and she and King Gristle fall in love.


Trolls is a very sweet movie with a soundtrack full of songs that will be stuck in your head. The characters are charming and cute, and you can’t help but wish you were a resident in their troll village. It has an incredible cast, with Anna Kendrick voicing Poppy, Justin Timberlake voicing Branch, Christopher Mintz-Plasse voicing King Gristle Jr., Zooey Deschanel voicing Bridget, Russel Brand voicing Creek, James Corden voicing Biggie, Gwen Stefani voicing DJ Suki. An all around cheery film with a wonderful message about happiness and how to find it, Trolls is definitely not a movie to miss.

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