Free Video Game - Queen Mirtnesh & the 70 Thieves

by J.L. Allyn | 05 Jan 2024

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Free Video Game - Queen Mirtnesh & the 70 Thieves

How difficult was it for ancient Egypt's Queen Mirtnesh (mirt means "crops") to develop the large-scale agriculture, 5100 years ago in Lower Egypt's Dead Sea Tisha "countryside" region?


And why did another ancient Egyptian woman, named Sewasew (whose name means "grammar") invent hieroglyphic writing, to facilitate trade between Queen Mirtnesh's farms and the Nile Valley markets of Queen Megbit (megbi means "food")? 

Play the video game, Queen Mirtnesh & the 70 Thieves to find out! Experience first-hand in the video game how these two co-founding queens of ancient Egypt worked together to found the greatest civilization of the ancient world.


And read messages from Queen Mirtnesh, in messages utilizing writing characters invented by Sewasew (aka Seshat) -- writing characters that we still use today. You're reading her writing characters right now!


Go to to play for free through your browser or to download the free Android app, to see if you can stop the thieves! 


Product Features

  • Re-enact the events of Queen Mirtnesh (aka "Meret-Neith") from 3100BC and her development of ancient Egypt's large-scale farming in the Dead Sea region of Lower Egypt, referred to in the 196BC Rosetta Stone as the "Tisha";
  • Farm and guard the Tisha farming region from thieves, by commanding and adding farmers and soldiers;
  • Command your farmers to store harvested grain in the granary, for sales to the Nile Valley merchants of Queen Megbit (aka Nekhbet);
  • Score points when merchants will come in their ships to pick up the loads of grain, for shipment back to the Nile Valley markets;
  • Easily add additional farm workers and soldiers, by touching or clicking on the ones you want to command, then select the command on the control panel;
  • Read the messsages from Queen Mirtnesh on the control panel, to know what to do at each step;
  • Command soldiers -- and add additional soldiers from grain storage points -- to stop the thieves trying to steal the grain;
  • Command farmers -- and add additional farmers  from grain storage points -- to harvest grain and to take written messages Nile Valley merchants, inviting them to come and pickup loads for purchase;
  • As ships sail away with loads of grain, points are added to the sales score;
  • Sales points will be used in other levels of the game in the future;
  • And learn real ancient Egyptian words, too!


Screenshots & Instructions


Command Farmers to Harvest and Store Grain


Harvest & Store Grain


Send Farmers to Invite Merchants to Pick Up Loads


Command Soldiers to Guard the Farm and to Build the Queen's Fortress


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