Glass Toys +Venice + VDP

by AMY ANSONG | 19 Jan 2023


Glass Toys +Venice + VDP

Venice, Italy is a place many people dream of. Located in Northern Italy, Venice is a place known for the many waterways which magically dance around the masses of land and the gondolas which are steered by gondoliers. Venice is also known for is its lace, created on the island of Burano, and its remarkable glass, affectionately referred to as Murano Glass.


Walking through the streets of Venice, Murano glass is visible in most shop windows. You can find Murano glass jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, and earrings), plates, bowls, sculptures, and many other items. However, there is one store in Venice which has the most unique glass creations.


If you go to Venice, take the water ferry to the San Marco stop, walk under the horoscope clock tower, and after taking a few right and left turns, you will eventually end up along the Rialto Bridge. If you look very closely, you will only see one store, VDP (Vetri del Ponte), displaying what appears to be colored pencils, paint palettes, paint brushes, and jigsaw puzzles. However, what I failed to mention is that they are created from glass.


The VDP shop has many creations which no one else has, such as the jigsaw puzzle, the paint pallettes, the frames, the pendant collection, and more.


(Owner of VDP, Advise de Polignol)     



It is important to note that many of the pieces come with a certificate of guarantee, stating that the pieces are made with Murano glass by various Masters. For instance, the glass fruits and candies are certified to be made with Murano Glass by Master Emanuel Cavagnis.



Does Crayola know about this shop? This was my first time, ever, seeing glass colored pencils. The detail and coloring are so precise, one would never know it was glass until he/she felt the weight of the creation. VDP has created colored glass pencils in different shades - you name the shade, the owner has it. The craftsmanship is spectacular.





Apart from the colored pencils, this shop also carries realistic paint brushes and paint palettes







Momma mia, the puzzle pieces are fantastic. Have you ever seen a multicolored glass puzzle set? At VDP, this is the only place in Venice, where one can find Murano glass jigsaw puzzle pieces, and they perfectly link to other puzzle pieces. The pieces come in approximately 20 different colors. Customers can buy one puzzle piece or a set. The color,shape,and size of the glass are all mesmerizing.








Did I mention that this store has glass balloons? Yes, glass balloons, which are realistic !!  Nothing about these colored balloons depicts that they are composed of glass. The only way to tell is by touching it or accidentally breaking it.





Apart from glass colored pencils, jigsaw puzzle pieces, paint brushes and palettes, and balloons, this shop also contains glass candy, glass cherries, glass animals, glass strawberries, glass fish in plastic bags, and more.


GLASS CANDY ( a wide assortment of glass candy)













In case you have future plans to visit Venice, Italy, make sure you stop by the VDP shop, which can be found on Instagram @vetridelponte  or

Facebook at  @vetridelponte.



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