How to land AND ace your next toy interview: Tips for starting in the toy industry and beating the interview nerves

by Rana Schenke | 20 Apr 2022


Do you want a job in the toy and game industry? Want to get your foot in the door, but not sure where to start?


Here are three easy things you can start doing today.

1. Get your name out there!


Visibility is key. So if you have extensive toy knowledge or are an expert in a particular area, share it!


Some ways you can do this include posting on social media, starting a podcast, or creating blog posts on POP.


Your goal is to get eyes on your work and position yourself as knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the industry.

2. Find and follow or join job boards and professional organizations for the toy industry.


The POP Classifieds section includes job postings, and you can also check out places like or the Women in Toys job board.


By joining a professional organization, you’ll gain mentorship and networking opportunities, as well as access to various resources that can help you in your job search.


Networking is going to be one of the most valuable uses of your time if you are interested in joining the toy industry. The more people you meet and connect with, the easier it will be to find a role you’re interested in!

3. Do research!


The more you know about the industry, its trends, and all the big players, the better prepared you’ll be to enter it. 


Doing research also gives you great material to share with others to get your name out there! You can also use the information you learn to help you prepare for interviews.

Speaking of interviews, what do you do once you’ve landed one?


You’ll probably be feeling pretty nervous, especially if you’re a recent grad or new to the industry.


It’s ok, you got this! Here are some tips to help you keep calm and be prepared for your interview. 

1. Prepare questions in advance to ask during the interview.


Make these specific to the company you’re applying for. Focus on making sure the culture is what you’re looking for, and on showing your interest in the company, team and position.

2. Use positive affirmations beforehand to hype yourself up.


Saying them in front of a mirror helps!

3. Talk with a friend so they can hype you up.


Even just a quick chat with a friend beforehand can help you feel more confident and capable.

4. If you’re doing a video interview, take 5-10 minutes beforehand to prep your space by removing distractions and making adjustments to lighting, camera angles, etc. 


This will help keep you from fidgeting or looking too much at yourself on the screen instead of at the camera/interviewer.

5. Have a notebook and pen handy to take notes with.


This is especially helpful because you can write down email addresses or other notes. Additionally, you can have your list of questions to ask written down as well so you can reference it during the interview. 

6. Set aside some prep time before the interview to do something that relaxes you, whether that’s taking a walk, making a cup of tea, or listening to music.


Hopefully, this will help you stay relaxed before and during the interview by getting you in a calm state of mind.

7. Make sure to smile during the interview!


This helps you come across as friendly and excited, and it sends positive signals to your brain.

8. Remind yourself that it’s just a conversation, not the end of the world. You’re just talking with someone who wants to get to know you. 


Sometimes, framing an interview like this can help you put it into perspective and feel more relaxed. 

Interview tips were inspired by tips provided by my LinkedIn network. You can check out the original post (with more awesome tips!) here. 

(Cover photo by Gustavo Fring via Pexels)

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