Real Mecha Are Taking Off & Landing Near You!

by J.L. Allyn | 02 Jan 2024

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Real Mecha Are Taking Off & Landing Near You!

If you are familiar with Universal's "ExoSquad" animated TV cartoon series and Playmates Toys "ExoSquad" action figures, then you are familiar with mecha or "mech suits", as they are called. Or maybe you know mecha from Star Wars (AT-ST chicken walkers), Transformers and numerous other entertainment properties.


Now Real-Life Mecha Puts Kids In The Action

Now available in real-life, our giant 11' tall giant mecha vehicles can allow toy and gaming manufacturers to continue what Universal and Playmate Toys began, but this time not mere animation and action figures. Real-life 11' tall mecha vehicles that can be purchased by consumers.


Pre-Installed Electronics For Fun And Adventure

Listed on Amazon and available for shipping soon, pre-installed electronics in real-life gaming mecha can feature on-board gaming electronics, including...

  • GPS video gaming equipment and system
  • Laser tag equipment and system
  • Paintball equipment and system
  • Foam blasters equipment and system


A History Of Amazement & Fun

Our history of developing real working mecha vehicles goes back to 1987, when after watching too much Star Wars, I thought, "I can build a real-life walking mecha." So I built what would become the first 8-foot-foot tall mecha. The idea was the mecha would initially be manually operated.

In a short week, I was walking behind my apartment on La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, and briefly on La Cienega itself Boulevard, in the 8-foot-tall mecha. Another tenant, who worked for Universal, approached me and notified me that Universal wanted permission to use the mecha in a movie. I agreed and was happy to see my mecha design as the ExoSquad E-Frame design for what turned out to be a Saturday monring animated cartoon series.


Only "ExoSquad" Mech Suits Are Based On A Real Mecha

What videos and web pages about the history of Universal's ExoSquad and Playmates Toys don’t mention is the unknown fact that ExoSquad is the only entertainment product, whether movie, comic, video game  or animated, based on a real working mecha. Yes, all other entertainment mecha are purely fictional.


Those Feet Are Made For Walking

Since then, over the years I have continually thought about how to make the real-life mecha available to consumers, so anybody can own a real-life mecha vehicle, which I've finally accomplished. Now in commercial form, they are giant 11'-tall walking mecha (see

A second model has motorized wheels under the feet, with a body (see body prototype mock-up at featuring a seat up inside of the mecha cab, that allow operators to sit and pilot the real-life mecha around town.


Will Flying Our Mecha Be Next?

Although they can't fly yet, we're proud to say that, just as ExoSquad mecha suits are still the very first and only mecha based on a real-life working mecha, our now 11-foot-tall mecha are the first and only mecha available to consumers worldwide. Don't be surprised if purchasers find a way to attach a hang glider wing on the extremely lightweight mecha (90 pounds), so they can soar in the skies, too.


GPS Video Gaming, Laset Tag & Paintball in a Mecha

So, I'm excited to be offering the world's first mecha walking vehicles specifically developed for laser tag, GPS video gaming, paintball and foam blasters, in addition to piloting around town, to consumers worldwide.

Our goal is to work with gaming manufacturers around the world to pre-install their gaming systems in our giant real-life gaming mecha, adding to the trills and excitement these first commercially-available mecha will provide.


Don't Watch A Movie -- Now You Can Be The Movie

In the past, to experience mecha you had togo to a movie or play a video game featuring them. Not any longer. With our mecha now you are the movie!

Not only for the gaming model mecha vehicle, but also for special events, including planned "Mecha Battle Wars" live mecha battle events at California's famous Venice Beach. Those interseted in joining the battles can apply as a competitor, crew member and more at

In the "Alien Mecha Invade" exhibitions, we "land" six giant 11' tall mecha in public places, such as the Santa Monica Promenade, where not only we can promote our mecha to consumers in out-of-this-world dazzling displays of sight, sound and lights reminiscent of the UFO scene in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Attendees will be able to also take part in laser tag battles with the mecha. More information is at


Bringing The Virtual Back To Reality

In a time where everything including toys are becoming virtual, our real-life mecha vehicles bring the virtual world back to reality, for real-life fun and excitement for toy and game manufacturers. 


Join The Mecha Fun

For more information, you can contact us by phone or WhatsApp, +1 323 419 3296, email us at, or visit our website at

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