Your Kids Are Safer Inside Their Mecha

by J.L. Allyn | 02 Jan 2024

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Your Kids Are Safer Inside Their Mecha

With vehicles increasingly on the road, it has never been so hazardous and deadly for kids. On the streets, 76% of people killed or injured by an automobile are hit outside of an intersection, according to the NHTSA. And in the US alone, there are nearly 900 cars for every 1000 people, posing a threat to kids on foot anywhere.


Your Kids Are Elevated Up Above Car and Truck Bumpers & Front Ends

To help protect your kids, our mecha walking vehicle legs and body give your kids a leg up, and help place them out of the reach of passenger car front ends and truck and SUV bumpers.


Your Kids Are Up To 6 Times More Visible To Cars, Trucks & SUVs

In addition to making your kids up to 6 times more visible to cars, trucks and SUVs, your kids in a mecha are offered protection that e-scooters, bikes and skateboards cannot. In addition to helping make your kids safer, your kids in a mecha are provided agility, maneuverability and capabilities similar to human walking. All without the mecha needing to be operated with motors or electricity.


Can Be Operated Under Your Kids Power

Like a bike or skateboard, our mecha can operate under human power.

  • The mecha themselves are 11’ tall and constructed with either aluminum, titanium, or a combination of both to be lightweight and strong
  • The mecha cab with headlights and taillights, mounted on top of the legs, measures 26” x 36” x 36”  and drapes down over the user with high-density, impact-absorbing side panels to help provide protection to users in a collision, impact or fall
  • Specially developed feet and ankles and allow users to manually adjust for walking on a variety of slopes and terrains and surface conditions.


Packed With Electronics

The standard 26” wide cab, designed to detatch from the egs to store inside, has a dashboard that comes standard with smartphone and tablet holders, with space for other electronics. There are other instrumentation for operator feedback, including surface slope angle, wind speed, and an accelerometer to provide and record impact and collision data.


Remote Viewing

Top-mounted dual cameras can help recors the action, and allow moms and dads to remotely view thier kids activity on any smart phone, especially in accidents and emergencies. And the infrared detectors of the cameras can help alert your kids to moving vehicles they otherwise may not see. Plus, as an added bonus, the cameras combined with the infrared detectors help provide security to the mecha when your kids are away from it.


Self-Sufficient Power

Top-mounted dual 12-volt solar panels store and can help provide power to various installed electronics. The key aim of the solar panels is to make the mecha as self-sufficient for power as possible.


Overview of Features

Our mecha help provide you and your kids safety in a high-impact innovation, which represents the first substantial investment in kid-operated pedestrian safety of its kind. It also support cities’ focus on encouraging walkability, which has taken on new urgency as part of a wider campaign for sustainable urban development, with the aim of encouraging and facilitating walking over driving.

Key benefits include...

  • The mecha are 11-foot-tall light-utility transport vehicles to help provide your kids with safety outdoors, along with gaming, fun and excitement
  • Protective wrap-around body cab with cockpit windshield, helps protect your kids from flying debris, fumes, noise, and falling objects
  • Adjustable interior seat (mecha on powered wheels) with footrest provides upto a 9-foot-high line of sight, including over high obstacles, bushes, walls and fences
  • Programmable work task attachments w/robot arm extension, allows your kids to carry out chores around the house, including for wall/fence graffiti removal, digging, hedge trimming, lawn mowing and lawn edging
  • Remote-control and remote-viewing functionality
  • Optional manual or powered 70mm wheels up to 8” off-road wheels under feet
  • Pontoon or powered pontoon feet for water operations
  • Can be operated by kids with limited mobility, providing them the opportunity to enjoy activities, fun and adventure that wheelchairs and powered wheelchairs may not provide. 

Help Protect Your Kids While They Communte and Have Fun

  • Each year 60,000 pedestrians are injured and over 4,000 pedestrians are killed by automobiles, with up to 75% of pedestrian fatalities occurring outside of an intersection
  • Being struck by an automobile while an individual is on foot is likely to result in a fatal head injury and 27% will experience an injury to their upper extremity. Other injuries may occur, including those to the abdominal area and chest, arms, wrists, and hands
  • Injuries to the neck, face, or head represent approximately 38% of injuries when struck by an automobile, when the head strikes the windshield or hood. In many cases the individual struck is tossed over the automobile.


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