Stars + Toys: How does your favorite star play?

by Rana Schenke | 10 Aug 2021

The Bloom Report

Stars — they’re just like us! As in, they love toys, too! Read on to learn about celebrities’ favorite toys and games, their toy collections, and even who still plays with toys and games today.


Celebrities’ favorite childhood toys:

Image: Business Insider


John Travolta: toy airplane (now he flies real ones!)


Zooey Deschanel: Super Nintendo, Zelda game


Cedric the Entertainer: GI Joe


Hayley Hasselhoff: Easy Bake Oven


Carrie Underwood: stuffed teddy bear and lion, which she still takes on tour


Lindsay Lohan: Glo Worm


Angelina Jolie: Cabbage Patch Kids


James Franco: Lite Brite


George Takei: My Little Pony


Pauly D: Big Wheel Trike


Ryan Seacrest: Super Soaker


Shaun White: skateboard


Mark Zuckerberg: Rubik’s Cube


Jessica Simpson: Play-Doh


Will Arnett: LEGO


Celebrities who collect:



Image: Trixie Mattel, YouTube


Trixie Mattel: Barbie


Johnny Depp: Barbie


Demi Moore: antique porcelain dolls


Emma Roberts: Blythe dolls


Paris Hilton: Barbie


Miley Cyrus: celebrity dolls


Marie Osmond: dolls



Action Figures:

Image: Rolling Stone, YouTube


Rick Springfield: vintage Kenner Star Wars figures


Leonardo DiCaprio: action figures (mostly Star Wars and He-Man)


Matt Cardona: action figures


Christian Slater: Star Wars toys


Robin Williams: toy figures (robots, D&D figures)


Mike Tyson: X-Men figures


Mila Kunis: Star Wars figures from the ‘60s and ‘70s


Model trains:

Image via Walt Disney Archives Photo Library


Walt Disney


Rod Stewart


Neil Young


Frank Sinatra


Elton John




Image: Kirk Hammett and his sons with his horror collection, Collectors Weekly


Kirk Hammett: horror toys and memorabilia


Rosie O’Donnell: McDonald’s toys


Quentin Tarantino: board games based on pop culture (favorites: Dukes of Hazzard and Dawn of the Dead)


Lou Ferrigno: Beanie Babies


Rodrigo Blankenship: LEGO


Celebrities who play with toys/games

Image: David Beckham building a LEGO set, Victoria Beckham (via The Sun)


David Beckham: LEGO


Ben Affleck: poker, chess, Dungeons & Dragons


Matt Damon: Dungeons & Dragons


Beyonce: Guess Who, Connect Four


Anna Kendrick: LEGO (picked it up while in quarantine)


Charlize Theron: Dominoes


Drew Barrymore: board games, dominoes


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: Dungeons & Dragons


JAY-Z: Connect 4


Daniel Radcliffe: LEGO (picked it up while in quarantine)


Jeff Bridges: Pass the Pigs


Jennifer Lopez: Dungeons & Dragons


Britney Spears: LEGO (her kids got her into it)


Matthew Perry: LEGO


Stephen Colbert: Dungeons & Dragons


Justin Timberlake: Scrabble, Cranium


Katy Perry: Taboo


Chris Pratt: LEGO


Judi Dench: Dungeons & Dragons


Hamish Blake: LEGO


Madonna: Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Chess


Nicole Kidman: Scrabble


Queen Elizabeth II: Scrabble


Will Smith: Chess


Terry Crews: LEGO



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