Clark Nesselrodt

Peggy is awesome!


Clark Nesselrodt

Peggy is awesome!


Gerry Crown

RIP Gerry Crown... The Kingdom Of The Heart

The Crown Has Fallen

Lyn, all Crowns, Audrey, Family, Friends, Fans, Colleagues, …

We lost the Crown, yet inherited a Kingdom…

No, we did not inherit it last Sunday, the morning Gerry passed away,

No, we, all of us, have been inheriting it for years, for decades,

No, it is not a Kingdom of Jewels, Territories, or Subordinates.

It is the Kingdom Of The Heart…

Heart full of love, devotion, and admiration for you, Lyn,

Heart full of care for his daughters Geraldine, Frances, Patricia and their families,

Heart full of loyalty to Audrey and the employees,

Heart full of pioneering, adventuring and aspiration while setting records in private life and business,

Heart full of friendship with so many and for so many years,

Heart full of unconditional generosity and charity, without expecting reciprocity.

Heart full of bravery, persistence, and endurance in combating monstrous races with Matt,

Heart full of warm hospitality and an open house in your Sydney home, for so many including Margreeth, Jochanan, Naomi, Jair and myself.

Heart never too old and always curious to learn new techniques, ways of communication and history,

Heart full of honesty, relativity, and charm, like rejecting John the buyer’s request for a discount simply declaring it would reduce Crown and Andrews’ profit…

Heart full of humor and rolling laughter while telling or listening to a good fake or real joke, like the one about departing tipsy from a yearly river fishing party, some distance away, taking the wrong car home, finding, some days later a trunk full of stinking rotten fish,

Heart full of indiscriminate respect for the “Nobless and the Penniless”,

Heart full of patience, understanding and forgiveness, like in the recorded video conversation I was privileged to have had with Gerry last September. We had to redo it three times: Instead of forty-five minutes it was spread over many hours and days due to our digital illiteracy…

How fortunate we all have been, Lyn, you naturally, the most, the daughters and Audrey, to share, witness and benefit from that gigantic heart.

Even a tiny pinch of this inspiring inheritance made us all very very rich,

Gerry’s heart stopped beating but the beat will resonate and be carried on by all who knew him.

In name of the Goliath Group and the Golad family, thank you Gerry, thank you Lyn, thank you Audrey, thank you all the Crowns for sharing the Kingdom of The Heart with us.

-Adi Golad, Founder and Managing Director, Goliath Group (Netherlands)

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