Do you need help analyzing the financial health of retailers?

by Creditntell | 2022-05-05 is a full service consulting firm which analyzes the financial health of hundreds of publicly and privately held retailers. Our services include a comprehensive analysis of each retailer's financial condition, presented concisely and insightfully through our vast product assortment. In addition to our written reports, our expert analyst team is always available for further conversation with our subscribers.

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IP/Copyright for Sale

I am the creator & owner of the card game Is It Disrespectful? & am open to selling the rights of this game for full ownership. "Is It Disrespectful?" is a card game based on subjectivity where various scenarios, behaviors & actions are pitted against each with the winner determined by majority rule. I developed the game during the summer of 2020 and obtained a copyright for it as well. This game is a great social activity as it sparks entertaining & insightful conversations. This is a great tool for team building activities, classroom discussions based around social studies and even employee training especially for the customer service departments. This game has been play tested in Baltmiore, MD, Orlando, FL, St. Louis, MO & always sells well at pop-up events in Los Angeles, CA. Since I am a one man show and do not have a team to help build this business I figure it is wise to sell the rights to someone or a company more capable with more resources available. I am even open to licensing the idea if you are not ready for full ownership purchase. Contact me with any question or interest. Thank you.

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Unique IP for sale or licensing - Toddler Ride On

Toddler Ride On - The Piki Piki Bike - IP FOR SALE OR LICENSING.

USA Patent Number D738,437 S. Trademark protected.

The most user-friendly, functional and fun ride-on for kids ages 18 months to 4 years. No equivalent products available. Rated 5 stars on Amazon. For more information visit:

All inquiries confidential. Contact me on

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SideBlocks Investors Needed / Free Pre Sign - Ups

We need the help of investors in the amount of $35,000 to complete a math game app project called SideBlocks. The funds will be for backend software app development, final app publishing and ongoing capital needs. Our business is Please go to our landing page at to learn more about our project. Pre Sign - Ups are free. Also please contact us at with any questions.

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Pot Luck... Successful Board Game For Licensing

Pot Luck was originally created in 1979 by two friends, who wanted to design a game concept to give people a fun, fictional opportunity to buy and sell pot in their own living rooms. A competitive, hilarious board game played similar to Monopoly, in which you buy, sell and deal in marijuana rather than real estate.
This game became a national sensation, selling more than fifteen thousand copies during its first year of production. With Playboy and High Times featuring Pot Luck in their magazines, instant interest was created for this hot commodity.

Over the past four decades, Pot Luck has become one of the holy grails of the retro gaming collectors movement, with original copies still being offered for over $400 on Ebay & Amazon.It was headed for great success, even winning the Best New Product Award at the 1979 Chicago Gift Show. Unfortunately, during the early 1980”s, the timing from Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign forced all marijuana based businesses to close.

Now society's attitudes has changed. Pot is mainstream and the world is ready for this exciting marijuana themed game, Pot Luck.
I own all copyrights.
Looking to license the rights.
Please copy these links for more information, pictures and video
Robbie 480-216-6860

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Tait & Lily, Inventors of Betcha Can't!