The Golden Solution

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The year is 1431. Mysterious scientists – also known as alchemists – have been searching for a means of turning ordinary metals into gold for centuries. So far without any success. But when you as aspiring alchemists stumble upon a mysterious book, the unachievable suddenly seems within reach!

Take on the role of a group of medieval alchemists in this replayable Escape Room The Game card game: The Golden Solution. Brew alchemical mixtures together as a team by making correct combinations of numbered ingredient cards and unlock ingredient cards to complete alchemical formulas. But beware: special events can change the rules of the game against you and make your mixture suddenly unstable!

Will you be able to successfully complete the 12 challenging chapters and find the Golden Solution?


Launched Date:

12 Dec 2022

Tait & Lily, Inventors of Betcha Can't!