UPWORDS - classic plastic game & apps

Score points by building words up/down/across, like that other swell word game. But UPWORDS also keeps things vibrant and fresh and susceptible to change throughout the game by allowing players to stack letters atop other letters already in the board, so CAT and become CATER and then LATENT and the PATENTED. Stack to 5-high max. Score is about how many tiles are under the letters in a word. UPWORDS has been on the world market since the early 1980's. And it's a great app, too. Our current world licensee is Spin Master. Our app licensee is Lonely Star Software. And after 10+ years as a near 5-star) app, we're happy to announce a second version of UPWORDS for mobile app players - it's a frantic and fun 3-minute game, w each player working w the exact same letter mix, so there's a level playing field. HURRY UPWORDS has recently been released via the Apple App Store.

Fun Facts

I put the u on the Q tile. My contribution to English word game playing.
Listed in "100 Best Family Games" - Lowder
Lots of awards including Game of the Year - Word Games - Cannes 1996



Launched Date:

14 Feb 2019

Tait & Lily, Inventors of Betcha Can't!