WETHEAD brand + its tech adventure

WETHEAD - originally - you pulled the wrong (or right?) rod (wrong or right depends on how crazy a player may be) out of a weird container atop a funny hat, and you got wet. 1.5MM units sold in many countries. Nearly 350MM youtube views. Currently - all rights have been methodically and laboriously gathered back to Rudell Design AND (trumpet blast) there's two fresh new patents to take the brand name and get-wet play-event into tabletop, laser tag TAG and also the $68B (yes, B, not M) A/R and V/R gaming categories.

Fun Facts

this is our very favorite get wet GAME - and we've invented a bazillion others
The WWE posted their own video, playing our game
there's patents re AR, VR & Laser Tag gaming


Tait & Lily, Inventors of Betcha Can't!