Learning-centered Experiences for your Team

by Gert Garman | 30 Aug 2021

Industry Commentary, Op-Ed

In my opinion, a “learning centered” experience/environment for a team means that entire experiences (planned and unplanned conversations) are team member centered.  The team members need to leave this experience with new knowledge as well as soft skills in order to move forward and be successful.

With my clients, I always structure my team experiences where I introduce the concept and then have them practice it to help land the learnings.  In my role as a teacher/facilitator, I look at myself as just a means to an end.  It isn’t about me.  It is all about engaging them and watching them as they have an “A-ha” moment when they realize they got there on their own.

I often use my last name of "Garman" as a fun way to let them know that I will be their “GPS” for their journey, but that it is their journey.  So, they may choose to speed up, slow down or take a U-turn, but I will be there to keep them on track as they explore the subject matter that we are exploring.

The other important piece of this is getting them to engage with each other.  Having a shared experience that they can later discuss is supplemental and important.  Leveraging their differences to build better outcomes is crucial.  They need to maintain their individuality while still creating a community of sorts in the session.  This will also translate outside of the classroom in families, neighborhoods and organizations.

“Learning centered” is also more than just a book or a lesson.  It is an immersive situation, where people learn from everything around them.  Therefore, having the right inspiration for the team members is also an important piece of this puzzle.  If the lesson itself is the engine, then inspiration and insights are the oil that drives it.

And with that, we have reached our destination for today.  You have arrived at your destination.


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