10 best Barbie dolls to gift to kids in 2021 (with links!)

by Rana Schenke | 24 Nov 2021

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If you’ve got a kid to buy for who loves Barbie, you might be overwhelmed right now with the variety of options available. How do you know which doll your kid would like? How can you find an affordable doll or playset that will keep your child entertained for hours?

I’ve compiled a list below of the 10 best Barbie dolls (in my opinion) to gift to kids this season. Each of these dolls were picked based on their play and entertainment value. Almost all of the dolls/sets listed are $30 or less, and none are over $50. Because every kid is different, the dolls are not listed in a particular order as to which doll is “best;” I would suggest reading the description and looking at the pictures to decide on what doll is best for the kid you’re buying for.

Note: Links are for search/purchasing convenience only. I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies whose links are included.

1. Barbie Color Reveal dolls

Barbie color reveal dolls

The incredibly popular Color Reveal dolls come in a shrink-wrapped tube that hides the doll’s appearance. Once the tube is opened, the doll and packs of accessories can be removed and the tube can be filled with water. Most Color Reveal dolls are coated in a paint that dissolves in water to reveal which doll was received, although some have a coating that peels off instead. The “surprise” factor allows for an extended gift-opening experience for kids.

Great for: Kids who enjoy the unboxing experience

My favorite part: The plastic tube package can be reused to store the doll and accessories, or other larger Barbie accessories your kid may own!

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2. Barbie Extra

Three Barbie Extra dolls

Barbie Extra is the fashion-forward line for kids who want more styling options than the Fashionistas line. These dolls come with more accessories, more clothing pieces, and more articulation than the standard Fashionista doll. There is also a variety of different dolls available with different hair colors and clothing styles, so there are options for every kid. 

Great for: Kids who love styling their dolls and swapping clothing and accessories

My favorite part: The amount of pieces included with each doll allows for a lot of play options.

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3. Barbie Big City, Big Dreams dolls