Book Review: Kid-Ventors by Kailei Pew

by Julia DeKorte | 31 May 2024

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Kid-Ventors, written by Kailei Pew and illustrated by Shannon Wright, is an inspiring collection of stories about different inventors—all under the age of 16! From names you know, like Benjamin Franklin and Steve Wozniak, to names you’ve never heard of, but may have heard of their inventions, like George Nissen and his Trampoline, these mini stories are nothing short of amazing. Written about kids, for kids, this is a great book for creative kids with bright ideas that want to do something about them.


Kid-Ventors is organized into five different sections, with a break between each to break down different concepts in the entrepreneurial world, like prototypes and patents. The sections categorize the different inventions based on their uses: to Solve Daily Problems, to Help Others, inventions in Technology, for the Environment, and finally, for fun. Each section introduces 7 different kid inventors.


The stories are short, no longer than 5-10 pages, and author Pew tells the inventors’ stories in an informational but simple manner. Each inventor’s story is also told with illustrations and asides that explain some of the more complicated concepts. Pew also provides what each Kid-Ventor went on to do after their first inventions, and many of these kids have quite the impressive story!


Some of my favorite stories included Drank Epperson, who invented the Popsicle at just 11 years old, and Louis Braille, who invented the Braille alphabet at just 15 years old! Pew walks readers through each of their stories: where the idea came from, roadblocks they may have been challenged with and how they overcame them.


Kid-Ventors is just as educational as it is inspiring. Each section is broken up by an info-chapter, beginning with Patents & Trademarks, then Prototypes, Production & Marketing, and STEM Communities, which mentions none other than our very own Young Inventor Challenge! The book also has a glossary of all the non-common words used throughout the story. And what many kids may find the most helpful: a short guide at the end of the story called “Be An Inventor!”


This book is a great gift for any child who has big ideas. One of the things that almost all of these Kid-Ventors have in common is a wonderful support system. Who knows, this book could be the outlet that your child needs to invent the next big thing!


Kailiei Pew is a children’s book author based in Phoenix, AZ. Prior to becoming an author, she was a school mentor and reading coach, and hopes that this book will inspire the next gengeration of inventors. Shannon Wright is an illustrator and cartoonist based in Richmond, Virginia. She’s also authored a graphic novel called Twins.

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