Read to find out the winners of the 19th Annual Young Inventor Challenge!

11-year-old cousins Jory and Rowan Cappel completed a feat that takes the full time energy of most adults—they designed a game! Diced Veggies is a game all about recipes from all around the world, a...nd debuted at Gen Con 2023. It has even been nominated for two TAGIE Awards!Show more

The Young Inventor Challenge is now in Summer Camp Scenes! People of Play has partnered with Happy Camper Live, the first online summer camp program, to bring the Young Inventor Challenge to the world... of summer camp.Show more

AdvanceTek teams up with the Young Inventor Challenge to help Antonio Bañuelas, an avid chess player at age 13, bring his invention to the shelves.

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Hayley Orlinsky answers questions at just 6 years old about the book inspired by her, "Being Small (Isn't So Bad After All)."

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