ThinkFun encourages readers to celebrate World Marbles Day by playing FreeFall.

Joyce Johnson gives ten tips to best promote your product, from making community connections to getting involved in an array of social media platforms.

Lucky Penny Shop, a Youtube toy and game product review channel gives their top talking points for toy & game designers and producers to prepare for conversations with vendors.

Tim Walsh introduces the idea of designers of toys and games promoting their products themselves, making an emotional connection with consumers.

Moderator: Bob Moog (President, University Games) Panelists: Craig Hendrickson (Product Marketing/Product Innovator, University Games), Richard Gottlieb (President, Global Toy Experts), Phil Albritton... (Creative Director, Toy Industry Podcaster, Consultant, Product & Packaging Innovator, Power Kid Design), David Becker (President, Blue Plate Media Services), Tim Jones (Media Director, Blue Plate Media Services). Sponsored by Longshore Limited, Mattel, and Big G Creative.Show more

Moderator: Kathleen Tomes (President, Brilliant PR & Marketing) Panelists: Jim Silver (CEO, TTPM Influencer Talent Management), Jordan Mae Williams (TikTok Influencer, Just Jordan), Dr. Brittany Fusil...ier (Instagram - brittfusilier, Lifestyle #Influencer), Elisa Schmidt (CEO, - Facebook & Twitter) Sponsored by Longshore Limited, Mattel, and BPMS.Show more

Moderators: Lana West (Marketing Communication Specialist, Schleich USA) Panelists: Julie Stern (Vice President, Brilliant PR & Marketing), James Zahn (Senior Editor, The Toy Book, The Toy Insider, an...d The Pop Insider), Mindy Schanzle (Marketing Communications Lead - Radio Flyer), Mary Higbe (Director of Marketing, Goliath), Danielle Parde (Digital Marketing Manager, Fat Brain Toys). Sponsored by Longshore Limited, Mattel, and BPMS.Show more

Moderator: Lisa Guili (General Manager, Educational Insights) Panelists: Josslynne Welch (President, Litzky PR), Clark Nesselrodt (Senior Vice President, Brilliant PR), Rachel Griffin (Co-Founder, Pla...ywise), Amy Friedland (Executive Vice President, Freeman PR), and David Barkoe (CEO, Carve Communications) Sponsored by Longshore Limited, Mattel, BPMS and Litzky PR.Show more

Sideshow Collectibles' Director of New Brands, Anna van Slee explores how social media has shaped human thought, and how those changes can be incorporated into board game mechanics to make games more ...relevant, intuitive, and dynamic.Show more

Moderator: Ross Thompson (Marketing Manager, The Op) Panelists: Xander Michael Jeanneret (Voice Actor), Anjali Bhimani (Actress), Matthew Lillard (Actor), B Dave Walters (Author)