Michelle Spivak shares different tips on branding, private labels, and license guides for product development and packaging.

President of Design Edge Matt Nuccio discusses the difference between package design for mass markets versus specialty retail, and how each distributor requires different details in design.


2021-11-24 23:43:02

Williamson Games President Leviticus Williamson shares why he utilizes alternative prototype materials in his inventing process. He explains how using clay helps him tackle the most challenging part o...f his job.Show more

Moderator: Matt Nuccio (President, Design Edge) Panelists: Chris Down (Chief Design Officer, Mattel), Jesse Falcon (Director of Merchandising, Marvel Entertainment), Fred Jordan (Sr Director of N.A. D...esign and Development, Magformers), Dawn Patmon (Designer Director, Hasbro Playmakers), Michael Sala (Senior Director Design, Spin Master)). Sponsored by Longshore Limited, Mattel, and Big G Creative.Show more

Perry Kaye, owner of award-winning product design company Gizmo Enterprises, delves into the advantages of prototype looks vs function (respectively) when preparing presentations.

Principal industrial designer Willy Yonkers shares tips and tricks for making high-quality prototypes. He touches on finding photos/illustrations, alterations, and printing.

Sketchall Concept & Design's Jack Lovewell gives product development advice through sharing his experience and the benefits of using computer aided drafting and design (CAD.)

Educational Insights Design Manager Liesl Kadile asks four questions to start her visual design process. She shares an example of a recent product and highlights how she used those concepts.

Joey Lopez, a design manager at Educational Insights, walks through his design process. From budget management to brainstorming, Lopez shares his insight on how to meet and maintain the brand's stan...dards.Show more

When creating mechanisms, there's a huge amount of unknowns - you probably know what the toy/game needs to do, but there are so many variables because every piece needs to work together - plus when yo...u change one piece, it can affect all of the others, often requiring them all to change.Show more