Matt Nuccio of Design Edge presents the three things you should do before getting a patent: 1) proof of concept prototype, 2) design for costing, 3) prototype again.

Frank Sardone discusses the advantages of acquiring a Design Patent for a toy or game, digging into what exactly a patent is and why it's important in protecting intellectual property.

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2021-11-24 20:56:32

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2021-11-23 00:34:47

Intellectual Property Lawyers Adam Brookman and Keith Baxter share information on Trade Secrets, Copyright Rights, Trademarks, Design Patents, and Utility Patents. and Keith Baxter

Attorney Frank Sardone shares several ways individuals and companies might document ownership of or protect their ideas, and thus, position themselves against theft of their ideas.

Partners Nicholas Cravotta and Rebecca Bleau of BlueMatter Games advise those new to the toy and game industry on how to establish a fair contract between company and inventor.

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