Don Wilder takes readers through time in an exploration of how toys, games, design, and inventing have evolved over time.

Rana Schenke presents the top ten most iconic Barbies of the 2000s.

Tami Murphy writes on the importance of converting digital artwork colors from RGB (red, green, blue) to CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black).

Eleanor Black explains the importance of timing within the inventing world of toys. Taking into consideration real world context and the possibility of someone else thinking of the same exact idea at ...the same exact time, timing can make or break and idea. She also suggests looking back at past ideas you may have had that never came to fruition… the time may be now!Show more

Eleanor Black addresses the genius behind simple inventions that shock the world. There is great success in inventing something so seemingly simple that anyone could’ve thought of it, yet the genius... lies in the fact that one person did think of it and capitalized on it. Often, it requires looking at things out of their normal context, and figuring out how to turn something familiar and simple into something entertaining and marketable.Show more


2021-11-28 14:05:38

Studio owner Gwen Austin shares advice for getting the most out of a trade show experience. Her tips cover booth location, setup, marketing, packing, and how to stay on top of things during and after ...the show.Show more

Fun Foundry Principal Craig Malmloff provides a deeper understanding of the term "innovation" and how it differs from inventing. He lists the ideal skill set needed to get started executing innovation....Show more

Garry Donner, President of Random Games & Toys, shares the questions his team asked themselves in order to identify the tactics that make for a successful Kickstarter campaign.

What’s in a Name?

2021-11-24 20:08:12

Director of design firm Bucher and Harrison Ltd., Jim Harrison, gets into the details and difficulties of coming up with an attractive, unique, and intriguing name for your game.

Greg Kopec shares interesting facts and his own experience to support the idea that analog toys are still relevant in today's digitally-focused world.