TOMY announces that Pete Henseler is taking on the role of non-operating Chairman of the TOMY international board. Greg Kilrea now assumes the role of President of TOMY International for the Americas ...and Europe.Show more

Beginning with a brief history of the company, this article discusses two new toys from Blip Toys, Zip Linx and GIGABOTS ENERGY CORES, with founders Bill Nichols and Peter Cmiel.

Christopher Tidwell, CEO of Magformers, writes on his company: where it started, how it grew, and what it's up to today.

Richard North writes on Wow! Stuff! and how he came to co-found the incredibly successful creative company.

Caitlin Gutekunst writes about Creativity, Inc.: it's history, products, mission, and community.

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Moderator: Ben Dermer (SVP Creative Development, Deputy Creative Officer) Panelists: Anton Rabie (Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Spin Master) and Ben Varadi (EVP, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer)

Rich Mazel (Senior Director Global Product Acquisition, Hasbro) revisits products that made Hasbro the success it is today with some of the inventors and Hasbro team members who made it possible. Feat...uring: Reyn Guyer (NERF), Leslie Scott (JENGA), Richard Levy (FURBY), John Frascotti (President and Chief Operating Officer), Eric Nyman (Chief Consumer Officer, Hasbro), Brian Chapman (President Design & Development, Hasbro), Tom Warner (Senior VP and General Manager, Nerf & Sports Action, Hasbro), Brian Jarvis (Senior Director of Design, Nerf & Sports Action, Hasbro), Kimberly Boyd (SVP and General Manager, Fashion Brands and Preschool Brands, Hasbro), Jeff Anderson (Senior VP and General Manager, Games, Hasbro), and Tanya Thompson (Director, Concept Acquisition, Hasbro). Sponsored by Longshore Limited, Mattel, and Goliath.Show more

The Business of Fun.

2021-11-18 13:54:35

Fuse London, Ltd. is a London based design and development group. President Peter Cartlidge shares a former client brief to illustrate the company's working method.

Playtime Sales & Marketing Co. LLC is a Toy and Electronics Manufacturers sales representative organization. Our prime focus is to represent Toy and Electronic Manufacturers to the Retailers.