Gene Murtha (Mattel, Gund, SCORE Association ), Jason Moss (Owner, House of Atlas), Pat Duncan (Founder, Great American Puzzle Factory, SCORE Association), Brian Filko (Owner, Gear Fusion), and ...Aimee Carroll (Community Development & Outreach, Edison Nation) discuss the struggles faced by small businesses and what aspiring entrepreneurs can do to best set their business on a path toward success. Sponsored by Longshore Limited, Mattel, and Play Monster.Show more

In-house inventors discuss what it means to work within a corporate design department. Features Gary Swisher (EVP Design & Development, Spin Master), Brian Yu (Senior Manager of Games Design, Mattel)..., Gina Melone (Chief Creative, Studio Big Rock), Ashley Mady (Head of Brand Development, Basic Fun!), Gabe Carlson (VP of Design, Global Dev & Operations, Mattel), and Andres Garza (Sr Design Manager, Spin Master). Sponsored by Longshore Limited, Mattel, and Play Monster.Show more

Experienced inventors discuss the pros and cons of inventing for an invention house versus as an independent inventor. Featuring Simon Skelton (Director, Big Ideas), Peggy Brown (President, Peggy Br...own Creative), Ken Johnson (CEO/President of Grand Legacy Corporation, Inventor of Phase 10) , Kim Vandenbroucke (Owner Brainy Chick and, Mary Jo Reutter (President, You-Betcha Interactive), and Jim McCafferty (President and CEO, JMP Creative). Sponsored by Longshore Limited, Mattel, and Play Monster.Show more

Affiliate Marketing expert Courtney Pearson provides insight and resources to aid in the task of finding a unique, available, and appropriate name for your toy product.

Richard Dickson (President and COO, Mattel, Inc.) hosts Mattel innovators and leaders including Jill Barad (Prior CEO & Chairman of Mattel), Tom Kalinske (CEO of Sega America, Leapfrog and Mattel...), and Neil Friedman (President of Alex Brands, ToysRUs, Mattel, Fisher-Price, Tyco Preschool) for a discussion and celebration of Mattel’s 75 anniversary and Fisher-Price’s 90th. Sponsored by Mattel and Longshore Limited.Show more

Charlie Owen draws parallels between the success of Ty's Beanie Babies and erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, two "happy accident" products that debuted in 1998.

Toy industry experts Dougal Grimes (Senior Director and Global Games Inventor Relations and Partnerships at Spin Master), Azhelle Wade (President of The Toy Coach), Dan Rowan (Senior Director at Ultra... Pro Entertainment), Elizabeth Moody (Senior VP of Business Development at 7 Towns), and Gregory Benassar (Licensing & New Business Director at Asmodee) discuss the people, products, and processes every aspiring toy or game inventor should be aware of before entering the industry. Recorded for the ChiTAG 2020 Conference. Sponsored by Longshore Limited, Mattel, and Play Monster.Show more