Lisa Guili of Educational Insights how board games, in a technologically focused society, bring people together, and in that sense, are a trend.

Phil Jackson, in his sermon delivered at his local Congregational Church, explains how toys, games, and the act of play can bring individuals closer to God.

Peggy Brown of Peggy Brown Creative Consulting, LLC., explores the question many creators ask themselves in the face of rejection... what's the point? Through the intangible to the tangible, Brown exp...lains why creators do what they do.Show more

Peggy Brown of Peggy Brown Creative Consulting, LLC., advises creators not to get married... to a certain idea, product, or way of doing business, on account of the fact that the market is always chan...ging, and there might be a lot more factors to the idea that you haven't considered.Show more

Peggy Brown, President of Peggy Brown Creative Consulting, writes on the difference between the digital world and board games, how in the age of social media and online gaming, board games connect and... ground us in a timeless way that will never fizzle out.Show more

Robin Raskin, Founder at Living in Digital Times, LCC, writes on her experience meeting Steve Jobs in which she tried to convince him to buy ads in the magazine she founded: FamilyPC. Previously belie...ving they were alike, Raskin was shot down to the point of tears.Show more

Brandi Pinsker, CEO at Project Genius and the mother of an autistic son writes about the social development milestones her son has achieved through the help of board games.

Shannon Swindle of Big G Creative writes on her and her team's experience working from home during COVID.


2021-11-28 12:16:52

Creative consulting firm owner Peggy Brown warns of the dangers of becoming too personally attached to any idea, product, or way of doing business. She also shares the benefits of negotiating and go.Show more

Exploding Kittens Game Designer Ken Gruhl shares the documents that make up his journey from brainstorming to a fully developed product.